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We are here for you with our reliable technology We are here for you with our reliable technology

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Nakayama Kiko is a supportive company and we help our clients make their dreams come true.

To meet your demands, we need to be creative and we need to come up with more and more ideas. To rationalize your business and increase productivity with less costs, we utilize your machinery and parts you are not using effectively, and we bring the machines to life reasonably, speedily, and make them high-performance.

  • Operation Examples

    Business Overview

    • Strive for Simplicity of Use / Machine Designing / Customize
    • Repair Machinery and Make it durable / Reparing Machinery / Maintainance
    • Create Something New / Support New Product Development
  • Operation Examples
  • Company Overview
36-6, Tabata, Harue-cho, Sakai City,
Fukui Prefecture 910-0477 Japan
  • TEL. 81 776 51 3800
  • FAX. 81 776 57 7756
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